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Here is the model schedule for the next few weeks, to see all the life models vist the models page.

Identikit is art Phillip Ward-Jackson by Phillip Ward-Jackson (4 min read)

The passage explores the challenges of creating accurate portraits and life drawings, touching on topics such as the uniqueness of individual features, the importance of artistic training and anatomical knowledge, and the constraints faced by forensic artists.

Have a look at our blog articles, a collection of posts created by people in our drawing community.

All materials are included with a snack during the break.

The classes are untutored and suitable for all skill levels.

Admittance is restricted to 18+ (unless accompanied).

Any form of digital recording of the model is forbidden.

Pre-purchase tickets or drop-in and pay at the venue.

We accept all major credit cards & PayPal payments.

Date & time

  • Every Thursday evening
  • From 7pm - 9pm (GMT)

Venue & transport

Homerton Library Wheel chair
Homerton High St,
London E9 6AS

Bus: 236 276 425 488 W15 26 388
Train: Overground
Station: Homerton (E9) Wheel chair


The library offers free parking to our customers until 9:15 pm. The car park is behind the main building, and you will need to inform security when you arrive.

Frequently answered questions

Session pose format

There are 10 poses in total over the 2 hour session, with a 15 minute break half-way through to drink, eat and chat.

First half: 10 min, 4x90 sec, 2x5 min, 10 min, 15 min
Break 15 min (approx)
Second half: 20 min, 25 min

Materials included each session

  • A2 paper (recycled and standard bond)
  • Selection of charcoal sticks
  • Assorted pencils from HB to 6B
  • Pencil sharpeners (of course)
  • Firm and kneadable erasers (limited)
  • Telescopic metal easels (limited)
  • A2 drawing board and clips

Amenities & facilities

  • Bicycle stands outside
  • Elevator & disable toilet
  • Small kitchen if you need it.
  • Local shops and restaurants
  • And (of course) 2 pubs in stumbling distance
  • A Church (for post pub confessions)
  • A Hospital (for pub related injuries)

Newsletter communications

Subscribers will receive 1 email per month announcing the schedule. That is it, unless there is a modification that affects the event or venue.

Everything else will be announced during the session or via Instagram (

Zoom session, camera & times

Live ZOOM session details:

Our weekly session is broadcast to on-line artists via ZOOM. To draw with us please download and install ZOOM to attend our live drawing session.

The ZOOM meeting begins 10-15 minutes before the session starts. Participants are placed in a waiting room and admitted once we confirm payment.

Cameras & pose perspective:

We offer two camera perspectives. One camera presents a shows view of the podium, while the second shows a portrait angle. At every pose change, the face camera is re-positioned to ensure the artist has a clear picture of the model's face.

Privacy regarding screenshots:

The models privacy is of paramount importance. The session is NOT recorded. Screenshots and recordings are strictly forbidden. If we discover you are doing this, you will be removed from the session, permanently banned, and we will announce this on social media so others are aware.

International start times:

Amsterdam8:00 PM
Berlin8:00 PM
Copenhagen8:00 PM
Hong Kong2:00 AM
Jerusalem9:00 PM
Johannesburg8:00 PM
London7:00 PM
Los Angeles11:00 AM
Madrid8:00 PM
Melbourne4:00 AM
Mexico City12:00 AM
Moscow9:00 PM
New York2:00 PM
Sydney4:00 AM
Tokyo3:00 AM

If your city is not listed here visit

ZOOM how to pin
Hover the mouse over a thumbnail that you like, find the blue menu ZOOM menu icon and click "Pin"

Draw in-person or LIVE online

in person
In-person £12.50
  • A2 newsprint and bond
  • Willow charcoal, assorted pencils (from HB to 6B), pens, kneadable erasers and sharpeners
  • Portable wooden easels, boards and paper clips
LIVE online £6.50
  • Studio lighting (key & fill lights)
  • Podium camera (fixed angle)
  • Portrait view (repositioned on pose change to capture a clear angle or the face)
  • High quality internet connection