Victorian Freak Show Bruce Thomas by Bruce Thomas (4 min read)

Join us at the Leytonstone Arts Trail for a unique life drawing session featuring models Maya and Anjie. A Victorian Freak Show theme, they will reveal their undead forms through a series of narrative poses.

Hand made paper Bruce Thomas by Bruce Thomas (8 min read)

Papermaking is a sustainable solution for repurposing your old drawings. Find a practical guide with humor and personal reflection, that emphasizes the satisfaction and environmental benefits of making your own paper.

Sick with selfitis Lidia Lidia by Lidia Lidia (10 min read)

This narrative follows the protagonist's introspective journey, spurred by societal pressures surrounding beauty and aging. Their exploration leads to the creation of the 'Bag Lady' project, a daring critique of social media's impact on self-perception.

My exquisite pain Anjie by Anjie (3 min read)

Resilience Through Pain: Lessons from Life Modelling delves into the author's experiences as a life model, through poignant reflections, the author explores the interplay between physical and mental challenges, emphasizing the value of perseverance.

Candid musings Blue Eyebrows by Blue Eyebrows (8 min read)

In London's life modelling scene, you defy misconceptions by posing nude, fostering body positivity and creativity amidst diverse settings. Despite occasional discomfort, you find personal growth and community, discovering resilience through artistic collaboration

AI assimilation! Bruce Thomas by Bruce Thomas (5 min read)

In "Exploring the Boundaries: AI Generative Art and the Quest for Originality," the author navigates the realm of AI-generated art, reflecting on its rapid advancements and inherent limitations. While acknowledging the impressive ability of AI to mimic artistic st

Identikit is art Phillip Ward-Jackson by Phillip Ward-Jackson (4 min read)

The passage explores the challenges of creating accurate portraits and life drawings, touching on topics such as the uniqueness of individual features, the importance of artistic training and anatomical knowledge, and the constraints faced by forensic artists.